FSociety ! Programmers’ Mind

If you are interested in computer programming languages and if you are still trying  to do more with them, This note is for you.

I’m not sure that am I too younger to post this.  However, forget my age and listen to me.

Can you read codes very well? Better than all of your friends? and all others that you know? If your answer is ‘yes’ , you are with me in the same boat!.  Actually I didn’t learn programming anywhere and I didn’t have any certificates in it. I didn’t do any computer courses. But I really love it and good in it.

However I have learned Visual Basic and Python form the school. Just very basic things. When I wanted to solve something, I created some charts. I learned that there is a proper method to do that named Flow charts and Pseudo codes from the school. Thank you teachers! But I didn’t learn almost all things about flow charts form school, I just updated my symbols to theirs and add their few rules. Then it was easy and beautiful than mine.


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